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Temporary Residence Ltd

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The players: Zac Nelson, Kenseth Thibideau, Tim Goldsworthy. Quickly following their debut full-length, Prints return to stir the pot with a little more pop, their usual dose of psychedlia and an intoxicating amount of dance. It only takes about ten seconds to know how this 20-minute ride goes, but the charming anything-goes aesthetic that is quickly becoming a Prints trademark is firmly intact. Once again produced at home by multi-instrumentalists Zac Nelson and Kenseth Thibideau, the songs here were originally conceived as B-sides for a proposed single for "Too Much Water" from the group's eponymous debut. By the time three new songs were completed, they stood too strong on their own to be pushed out as B-sides, so the decision was made to forfeit the single and instead offer the songs as a stand-alone EP. Meanwhile, DFA co-founder and Hercules And Love Affair producer Tim Goldsworthy fired up his new alter-ego Thee Loving Hand for an epic super-funk remix of a pair of Prints tracks, "Pretty Tick" and "Meditation" (featuring, among other things, the funk bass skills of !!!'s Tyler Pope). To top it off, acclaimed visual artist Toben Seymour directed an eye-popping video for "Too Much Water", which is included here on the Enhanced CD portion of the disc.

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