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Miami Ice

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"Miami Ice" is the upbeat and wide-ranging third full-length album from Chicago/Philadelphia ensemble Icy Demons. As on previous releases, the band's altered pop music draws on a wide range of musical vocabulary—sometimes within a single song. Though recorded throughout a very busy year, the album has a very natural feel and excited energy, like the warming of the senses in spring after a long winter. Icy Demons co-founders Chris Powell (a.k.a. Pow Pow) and Griffin Rodriguez (a.k.a. Blue Hawaii) use an odd assortment of vintage keyboards and ethnic percussion, and evoke a past that actually might prove to be the future. Their live shows are energetic and fast-paced, with the multi-instrumentalist members dancing around the stage playing interlocking rhythms. Rodriguez sings of dreams and endurance, alien paranoia and fun food, time travel and the western frontier.

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