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Axis Of Evol

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Stephen McBean has been in numerous groups over the last two decades including most recently of course, Black Mountain. With "Axis Of Evol", his current project, Pink Mountaintops' second full-length record, McBean has once again created something much greater than the sum of his influences. It begins with a forboding spiritual called "Comas", the kind that McBean and only a very few other songwriters of this generation could pull off. It includes the tone-setting lyrical phrase 'I have been wrestling a dead angry deer, and she is still with me after all of these years'. The record then almost immediately ramps up into a thumping, buzzing, blissful haze, at various parts sounding like the Velvet Underground or Spacemen 3 or the Jesus And Mary Chain circa "Psycho Candy". And at the end, the album then segues into a hypnotic, Smog-like meditation called "How We Can Get Free". Throughout the record, McBean sings about love and war, the love of war, and the war of love; on the body, on the mind and on the soul.

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