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This 1988 LP is the final recording by the original line-up, and it opens with one of the greatest songs ever written! "Freak Scene" was massive in Manchester (just like everywhere else, I guess) in 1988 and the video for this perfect track was shot in John Robb's garden in West Didsbury! It's worth the price of the album alone. The rest of the tracks although perhaps never quite scaling those unbelievable heights, are some of Dinosaur's best work, fantastic song after fantastic song. J. Mascis had single-handedly resurrected the guitar as a freewheeling transcendental instrument, hurrah!!!! It was just a shame that the band hated each other, and this was to be their last as this line-up, but there can be no better way to go out than this. A true stone-wall CLASSIC!!!!


Freak Scene
No Bones
They Always Come
Yeah We Know
Let It Ride
Pond Song
The Post

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