The Tenth Corner

Image of Vocokesh - The Tenth Corner
Record Label
Strange Attractors

About this item

The eerie and utterly grandiose fourth album. Unfurling like mellow smoke from some alien opium den, the title track introduces the sonic soiree in a pleasant mood, as distant acoustic plucking and electronic oscillations provide a pillowing backdrop for some elegant electric guitar flourishes. No sooner is serenity induced than the trip goes dark, as metallic-tinged acid guitar rips a flurry of shrapnel over a storm of chugging drums and slinky bass lines. Imbued with an intense array of moods and textures, "The Tenth Corner" is a tremendously cinematic listening experience a sound that draws from the early flights of 70s German avant rock (Agitation Free, Cosmic Jokers, Ash Ra Tempel) and synth-powered cosmic (Cluster, Tangerine Dream, Popol Vuh) if it were created in the embryonic electronic music labs of the 60s and 70s. Transcendent, gritty, hallucinatory – undoubtedly Vocokesh's finest hour.

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