Jefferson Airplane

Surrealistic Pillow - 2017 Reissue

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"Surrealistic Pillow", as the name implies, is one soft ridden, slightly mad piece of psychedelic San Francisco folk rock. From its percussive intro of "She Has Funny Cars" to the thumping mystique of "Plastic Fantastic Lover", this album's one heaven of a trip alright!

Jefferson Airplane truly hit the mark with this seminal album from 1967 - hippies, druggies and students from all over the world embraced the hitmaking ensemble and probably smoked another cheeba cheeba to the sweet tones of the band. Highlights that should not be overlooked are or course "Somebody To Love", "White Rabbit" and "Today".


A1. She Has Funny Cars (3:03)
A2. Somebody To Love (2:57)
A3. My Best Friend (3:02)
A4. Today (3:00)
A5. Comin' Back To Me (5:20)

B1. 3/5 Of A Mile In 10 Seconds (3:41)
B2. DCBA-25 (2:33)
B3. How Do You Feel (3:26)
B4. Embryonic Journey (1:52)
B5. White Rabbit (2:32)
B6. Plastic Fantastic Lover (2:36)

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