Random Factor

Ricochet EP

Image of Random Factor - Ricochet EP
Record Label
20/20 Vision

About this item

Carl Finlow has been turning out killer electro since forever and is the man behind the revered Random Factor alias. He started it back in 1994 and since he's brought us four full lengths on 20/20 Vision, with a new one dropping very soon. In the meantime, here's a reissue of one of his most in demand classic EPs that's back on wax after initially making waves way back in 2000. The cuts draw on electro-pop and lithe future disco a la Metro Area, from the sparkly 80s-vibed opener 'Old News', 'Richochet' - imagine dub techno rerouted through guitar-led funk - to the more heads down, deep and moody dancefloor delight 'Update' and the indelible melodies of closer 'Swing'. Timeless machine funk from one of its latter day masters.


Side 1
1. Old News
2. Ricochet

Side 2
1. Update
2. Swing

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