Rick Clarke

Time Keeps Moving On - 2024 Reissue

Image of Rick Clarke - Time Keeps Moving On - 2024 Reissue
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Freestyle Records

About this item

Freestyle Records drop a killer UK soul/early street soul reissue LP from 1988, in the form of Rick Clarke's hard to come by 'Time Keeps Moving On' album.

Originally appearing on the Raven label in 1988, Time Keeps Moving On constituted Rick Clarke's first LP following his work in the earlier eighties as part of brit-funk groups Potion and Side On, and solo output including Love with a Stranger (released on The Specials' Ghost Town's producer John Collins' Local Records imprint) and a few singles for RCA. Largely co-written and co-produced with Peter Hinds (Take Three, Atmosfear, Light of the World) and a guest turn from Master T aka Toyin Agbetu - this is foundational street soul that appeared at a time when the likes of Loose Ends were starting to break through to the US, and Soul II Soul just emerging.


1. Time Keeps Moving On
2. If You Think You're In Love
3. Grooving On
4. Better Luck Next Time
5. Love
6. Got To Get A Hold
7. See You Along The Way
8. I Wanted Your Love
9. Don't Say A Word
10. Perfect Lady

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