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Bra Tid

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'Bra Tid' marks the vibrant debut LP from Norwegian instrumentalist D. Apal (who I'm pretty sure is part of Flammer Dance Band also). A playful exploration of dance music characterized by creamy synths, afro rhythms and cranium bending melodies. The album showcases a fusion of 70's and 80's influences alongside nods to modern music, resulting in a captivating blend of funk, disco and  African-influenced rhythms alongside some truly out there, head turning sound design and synthesis. Bit like William Oneyeabor on acid. Recommended! 


Matt says: Highly fragrent outnational grooves from yer man from Flammer Dance Band. Sounds like William Oneyeabor on acid! Seriously infectious and proper cranium busting sound design to boot. This is mega!


A. Har Varmen Pa
A. Heng
A. Var
A. Marka
B. Bra Tid Pt.1
B. Bra Tid Pt.2
B. Valutta
B. 60 Meter 'n

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