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New Jersey hip-hop / house innovator Cakes Da Killa has announced his long-awaited second album Svengali via the TOKiMONSTA owned label Young Art Records. With it Cakes adds another landmark to his catalog and brings the long-running relationship between hip-hop and house music into a new chapter. Today you can watch a video for the new and seductive title track “Svengali”, in which Cakes presses pause on the real-time rundown of a decadent night out to whisper a question to the object of his interest: “I know you’re touching me / but are you feeling me?” The single follows “Drugs Du Jour” and “Sip Of My Sip” both of which are included on the album.

Svengali is a cinematic experience, charting a love affair from hookup to breakup, with all of the highs and lows of romance and attraction in between. Always a brutally (and hilariously) unfiltered voice, the album sees Cakes bringing a new layer of vulnerability and depth to his writing, charting the vicissitudes of love in and out of the club. Coming on the heels of the high-energy cult-favorite Muvaland Vol. 1 & 2 mixtapes (but recorded before either of them), Svengali dials back the manic, rave-till-dawn energy in favor of beats by producer Sam Katz that offer more subtle moods, as well as a jazz influence that connects Cakes to the early days of queer culture that bubbled up out of New York jazz clubs and the sonically ambitious jazz lovers who pioneered house music.


1. Overture
2. W4TN
3. Rabbit Hole
4. Svengali
5. Luv Me Nots
6. La Cocaina
7. Mirror Mirror
8. Drugs Du Jour
9. Gratitude
10. Ball And Chain
11. Sip Of My Sip Ft. Sevendeep
12. Luv Me Nots [Reprise]
13. Sub Song
14. Think Harder
15. Climax

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