Luke Temple And The Cascading Moms

Certain Limitations

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Ex-Here We Go Magic frontman Luke Temple emerges with a new project, Luke Temple and The Cascading Moms. Debut album, Certain Limitations. Lauded for his contributions to Here We Go Magic and Art Feynman, Luke Temple brings his signature off-kilter grooves and melodies to his new project's debut album Certain Limitations. The trio's sound takes influence from the likes of Dire Straits and The Velvet Underground, weaving together intricate guitar work, and a propulsive rhythm section, with a touch of jazz sensibility that recalls the ECM catalog.

A product of serendipity, The Cascading Moms were formed when in need of a band for an upcoming show, Temple brought together Kosta Galanopolous, a collaborator from his Art Feynman project, and Stuart, a musician he already knew in LA. When these three came together to rehearse, a spark ignited, revealing a creative connection that transcended that first show that brought them together.

The album's lead single, "I Can Dream," originally appeared on Art Feynman's Half Price At 3:30. However, after reworking it with the Cascading Moms, the song took on a new life. This reinvention exemplifies Certain Limitations' core concept: a collection of songs honed and reshaped through the improvisations and collaborative spirit of three musicians creating and exploring a new sonic world.


Certain Limitations
Church Street
I Can Dream
I Will Not Kill
It's All About Timing
Sandy's Dead
Second Half

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