Third Person

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VLF Records

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Tillla is 19 year old prodigal piano player Mateo Davis, a graduate of Purcell (Tirzah, Mica Levi, Jacob Collier) & a polymath musician, producer & mixer.

Third Person is Tillla's debut EP, a 13 track sprawling opus the then-18-yr-old made alone in his bedroom on a modular synth and dodgy copy of Ableton. The musicianship, depth and technical creativity in this record really is something that should be noted.


A1. Blue Shuttle
A2. Adolescence
A3. Bath Knows Love
A4. Castle Cary
B1. Alice In Wonderland
B2. Frankenstein
B3. Jooby’s Interlude
B4. Litherland
C1. I Owe It All To You
C2. Dear Evan,
C3. Luna
D1. Booloo
D2. Enigma

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