Glimpses Of Infinity

Image of Laraaji - Glimpses Of Infinity

About this item

An overview of Laraaji’s earliest works, 'Glimpses of Infinity' gathers selections from his 1978 debut 'Celestial Vibration' and six additional studio sessions from the era. Full of discovery and wonderment, 'Glimpses of Infinity' is a miraculous chronicle of new age’s most fabled artist.


1. Bethlehem (Glimpse)
2. All Pervading (Glimpse)
3. Segue To Infinity (Glimpse)
4. Kalimba 1 (Glimpse)
5. Koto (Glimpse)
6. Ocean (Glimpse)
7. Kalimba 2 (Glimpse)
8. Kalimba 4 (Glimpse)

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