NTO & Sofiane Pamart

Forever Friends

Image of NTO & Sofiane Pamart - Forever Friends

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"'Forever Friends' is much more than an album; it's a manifesto - Through the fusion of electronic music and piano art, we weave a sound creation that refects the complexity and beauty of human relationships"

It's with these words that Sofiane Pamart and NTO describe their collaborative album, at the crossroads of their two worlds. The piano notes of Sofane Pamart, a regular on prestigious stages in France and abroad, mingle here with the melodic techno of producer NTO.


1. Loyalty
2. Nevado Sorata
3. Bagarre
4. Homies By Night
5. Explore Yourself
6. Horizon Talk
7. Hooligan's Heart
8. Cigarette Sunsrise
9. Dobermann
10. Not Alone Anymore
11. Manifesto

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