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Little Beat More

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Little Beat More drop a two-track EP by Turist, a Vienna based psychedelic Dembow project, founded to combine the energy of a live band with the tightness of an overdub session. Turist made it their mission to revive handmade music from the 60's and 70's aiming for the dancefloors of today!
The two tracks demonstrate how they interlace heavy basslines, colorfully echoing guitars and driving drums, drawing inspirations spanning from Ghanian highlife to Peruvian cumbia.

“Skeet”, on Side A, is the band’s manifesto with their special blend of Caribbean dance rhythms and Californian surf music psychedelia. Side B's "Ez Up" is a straightforward champeta song, the Afro-Colombian style that fuses sweet soukous guitar lines with uplifting soca rhythms, making you want to immediately look for the nearest Pico Soundsystem.

Set off on a rhythmic journey following Turist in their musical nomadism with us!


Matt says: Though based in Vienna, Turist capture the energy, fragrances and spirit of geographies far detached from the Austrian city and do so with authenticity and charm.


Ez Up

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