Boo Williams

Can't Forget You

Image of Boo Williams - Can't Forget You
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Boo Moonman

About this item

A big coup for lovers of Boo! The inimitable and long serving Chicago stalwart dropping FOUR fresh tracks on his iconic Moonman imprint resulting in nearly half an hour of undiluted Boo Williams glide-n-shuffle!

Drizzled in his usual electric flair and idiosyncratic drum programming; concentric grooves gallop through neon lit textures and perpetual motion - it's impossible to keep still listening to these wrigglers! Beautifully arranged with crystal clear production, these Moonman records are the creme of Williams' crop - do not sleep!  


Matt says: Bit 'o Boo fer't boys (and the girls)! I've always had a mighty soft spot for the iconic Chi-town producer and with his label Moonman, we're treated to some of the finest moments he's produced to date. Shuffle them tail feathers!


Side 1
1. Can't Forget You (instrumental) (6:42)
2. All About The Music (Service Mix) (6:35)
Side 2
1. Replay (7:42)
2. Last Thoughts (feat Jamiel Patton) (6:25)

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