Let's Dance Vol 5

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Funkyjaws Music

About this item

Funkyjaws Music has decided to offer up its first solo EP here having decided to make the previous four volumes of its Let's Dance series various artists collections. JKriv gets the nod here and doesn't disappoint. First up is the leggy mid-tempo disco of 'Share The Night' with its chattery Chicago house style drums and rasping bass. 'Big Chief' is a brilliant mid-tempo jumble of percussion, toms, hits, grinding bass and lazy kicks and 'Let's Do It Right' then takes off on nice clean piano house grooves full of uplifting joy. 'Acid Fantasies' closes out a truly varied EP with a more raw and direct acid house jacker.


Mine says: Funkyjaws is churning out yet another of their popular Let's Dance 12"s, a solo venture rather than a various artists affair this time, and while I'm usually a sucker for a compilation I think this one's the best yet...


Share The Night
Big Chief
Let's Do It Right
Acid Fantasies

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