Journey LP

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PIV Records

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Since being identified as a rising star by PIV label head Prunk in 2023, Ruze has consistently proven their talent and captivated audiences across the music scene. With endorsements from industry heavyweights and a remarkable rise to becoming Beatport's best-selling artists in the Minimal Deep Tech genre, Ruze has solidified their position as a force to be reckoned with.

The anticipation for Ruze's debut album has been building, fuelled by the success of their hit singles 'Mister DJ' and 'Trip.' These tracks have garnered widespread acclaim, showcasing Ruze's ability to blend infectious rhythms with innovative sound design, setting the stage for the release of their full-length album.

'Journey LP' is a culmination of Ruze's musical evolution, offering listeners an immersive experience that transcends boundaries. From mesmerizing melodies to pulsating beats, each track takes listeners on a sonic voyage.


A1. Journey
A2. Trip
B1. Keep It Coming
B2. Mr DJ
C1. Come Together
C2. Repetition
D1. In The Power
D2. Futur

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