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Diger Distro

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With song titles alluding to the life cycle of an insect, ‘Ar’ (‘Scars’, for non-Scandinavians) deals with the human psyche in its most base forms. The album is meant to be a bruising and challenging encounter with the ugly, shameful and disappointing parts of the human experience. It confronts the listener head-on with all the noise, desperate and threatening screams and brutality this Danish three-piece can muster.

“We purposefully recorded these songs to be abrasive and angular to force the listener to feel the sweaty anxiety and sonic grime. Using the album as a way of dealing with personal issues, both past and present, it is an amalgamation of experiences lived and experiences common on the road”.

Mixing raw and sludgy post-metal and intense noise rock with dissonant chords and aggressive rhythms and vocals, mining in Amphetamine Reptile Records’ signature sound territory but maintaining a distinctly Scandinavian identity, ‘Ar’ will scratch a certain aching itch whilst giving comfort to the lost and lonely.


1. Ar
2. Autofagia
3. Dod
4. Form
5. Dekomposition
6. Kokon
7. Transformation

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