Sean Nicholas Savage


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Arbutus Records

About this item

Canadian cult songwriter Sean Nicholas Savage is renowned for his bitter sweet ballads, and beautifully raw live performances, his singing delicate and brave, full of energy and space. Each new record is an adventure in sensitivity and nuance. 'Trilogy' collects standouts from Savage's fan-favourite string of cassette releases: Magnifcent Fist (2016), Yummycoma (2017), Screamo (2018). Now available on LP for the first time, this pressing commemorates a remarkable era in Savage's career.


1. Music
2. Screamo (Video Mix)
3. Let Me Out
4. Everything Baby Blue
5. Opposing Truths (I Want You)
6. Over The Night (Lost Mix)
7. Splash (Video Mix)
8. Abracadabra (Video Mix)
9. Maybe Chain
10. The Last Emperor (Lost Mix)

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