Roy Of The Ravers

You Don't

Image of Roy Of The Ravers - You Don't
Record Label
Winthorpe Electronics

About this item

New tackle from our favourite 303 wielding football hero! You want find any re-hashes of "Emotinium" here. Instead, Roy drives his trusty soundboxes ever-so-slightly into the red, giving us warm and fuzzy tape saturation as he drops some squelchy and skeletal jack trax, bleepy goodness and his own brand of UK electro. There's no one quite like our Roy - and this new EP finds him in fine form. Best move quick on this top signing! 


Matt says: Acid poster boy Roy is back at it! Banging the box with a plethora of overdriven drum machines, his trusty 303 and some granular synthesis madness.


A1. You Don't
A2. Sinesub Dub
A3. Bomber
B1. Mr. Slinky
B2. Iso-E-Super
B3. Wednesday

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