New Town Dream

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Static Shock

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Neutrals return after five years with album number two, a co-release between Static Shock Records and Slumberland. New Town Dream is thirteen songs of innocence, intensity and observations of everyday life. It’s like a Mike Leigh film lyrically - seeing the world through the eyes of normal people but with music that leans heavily on the TV Personalities, The Times, The Wedding Present and the Jam. The rhythm section is the perfect foil for the spikey and clean guitar work but it’s always the tune that is king with Neutrals. One listen and you are transported into the world of travel agents, bus conductors, kebabs and substitute teachers. It’s the sound of a time long gone but a time we miss and love.


1. New Town Dream (Version)
2. That's Him On The Daft Stuff Again
3. Wish You Were Here
4. Stop The Bypass
5. Travel Agent's Windows
6. Chaos At The Jasmine
7. Last Orders
8. Steven Proctor, Bus Conductor
9. The Iron That Never Swung
10. How Did I Get Here
11. Substitute Teacher
12. Phantom Arcade
13. Leisureland

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