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Mirantes Emocionats

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Wonderful Sound

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Brazilian singer and composer Arthur Melo turns to the ‘70s & ‘80s, to the musical greats like Caetano Veloso and Milton Nascimento, channelling his love of director Brian de Palma and old detective films, and positioning himself amongst a new generation of contemporary musicians.

Arthur Melo, a young Brazilian composer, guitarist and singer returns to releasing music, with his second single after a 3 year break, with a new album Mirantes Emocionais, set for release on British label Wonderfulsound. Backed by his band O Ministério da Consciência it’s a work that pays homage to Arthur’s heroes of Brazilian music from the ‘70s and ‘80s yet goes much beyond throwback. Like his previous post-tropicalia, psychedelic and percussive material, it honours Brazil’s divergent musical history but always looking forward, treading new paths and placing Arthur in a venerable category of explorative, young Brazilian artists alongside the likes of Sessa & Ana Frango Elétrico.


1. Me Lastimaste
2. Na Avenida Com Benito
3. Dama Da Noite
4. Zói Fundo
5. De Toda Sorte
6. Maré
7. Álvaro Almeida
8. Princípios Organizadores
9. Do Colostro Ao Osso
10. Saídas
12. Aprendendo A Mentir

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