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Heat Ray: The Archimedes Project

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Will Gregory Moog Ensemble present their debut album, Heat Ray: The Archimedes Project, made in collaboration with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

This neo-classical electronic album is filled with spirals of melody, circular structures, sequences, and patterns inspired by the works of the Greek mathematician Archimedes. The ensemble, as the name suggests, is led by Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory and has been active on the live circuit since 2005. The members include Portishead’s Adrian Utley, a long-time collaborator of Will’s, who plays on the album and produced it. Also playing on the record are John Baggott, Graham Fitkin, Simon Haram, Vyvyan Hope-Scott, Ross Hughes, Hazel Mills, Daniel Moore, Hinako Omari, Eddie Parker, Harriet Riley and Ruth Wall. Their instruments include Minimoog, Moog Voyager, Korg 700s, Prophet 6, and Roland JX-3P, with their individual lines and the BBC National Orchestra of Wales coming together in intricate arrangements creating a stunning superstructure of sounds.

Heat Ray is an album that brings ancient history into the modern world, pushing us towards an endlessly curious and fascinating future.

Available on vinyl and CD, sleeve notes by Matt Parker, comedian, best-selling author and recreational mathematician, who’s YouTube’s channel Stand-up Maths has over 137 million views.


1. Young Archimedes
2. Buoyancy Theory
3. Circles, Spirals And Pi
4. Law Of The Lever
5. The Claw
6. Archimedes’ Screw
7. Heat Ray
8. The Sand Reckoner
9. Archimedes’ Legacy

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