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Baby J

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The Emmy-winning Comeback Kid himself comes back yet again with a blunt, brilliantly quotable stand-up special. 'Baby J' takes the form of a wide-ranging
conversation between John Mulaney, a kid in the balcony named Henry, and the rest of the sold-out crowd at Boston’s Symphony Hall. And now, you!

John dominates the chat, of course - and while his cautionary tales are a bit too convulsive to be functionally preventative, you probably aren’t here to be cautioned. So have at it!


1. Miss America
2. Lost In New York
3. Star-Studded Intervention
4. Koala Bank Changing Station
5. Dr. Michael
6. A Call From Al Pacino
7. Baby J
8. John, John And John
9. Breaking Up With
10. Your Dealer
11. Mushing Metals
12. Hello Old Friend
13. A Wide Ranging Conversation

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