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The 111 Series comprises 15 tracks, each created by Louis Carnell alongside a diverse selection of artists from across the globe. Each track is released digitally, and titled in numerical order, with the aim of creating an environment for the listener to explore the series without hierarchy.

The tracks vary between lyric-led and instrumental compositions, travelling through experimental electronic and immersive soundscapes.

The list of collaborators includes prolific new-age artist Laraaji, Mute founder Daniel Miller, Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo, leading punk-rapper Wu-Lu, Nairobi-born, Berlin-based sound artist KMRU, noise-inspired cellist and composer Okkyung Lee, post-genre multi-instrumentalist Coby Sey, Iranian-born electronica songwriter, producer and DJ Leila, mystical folk and ambient-inspired composer Naliah Hunter, artist and actor Keeley Forsyth, rising experimental sound and visual artist Damsel Elysium, LA-based ambient duo Green-House, experimental saxophonist and composer Ben Vince, Beirut-based multi-instrumentalist Yara Asmar, and Italian musician and sound designer Marta De Pascalis.


1. Four - Louis Carnell & Yara Asmar
2. Seven - Louis Carnell & Okkyung Lee
3. Ten - Louis Carnell & Daniel Miller
4. Thirteen - Louis Carnell & Leila
5. Two - Louis Carnell & Lee Ranaldo
6. Five - Louis Carnell & Coby Sey
7. Eleven - Louis Carnell & Laraaji
8. Fourteen - Louis Carnell & Nailah Hunter
9. Three - Louis Carnell & Ben Vince
10. Six - Louis Carnell & KMRU
11. Nine - Louis Carnell & Green-House
12. Twelve - Louis Carnell & Marta De Pascalis
13. One - Louis Carnell & Keeley Forsyth
14. Eight - Louis Carnell & Wu-Lu
15. Fifteen - Louis Carnell & Damsel Elysium

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