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From the 1979 LP Accadde A by Arawak, this superb 7" showcases standout Italian Library recordings that you need in your life. Arawak, one of Luciano Simoncini's many pseudonyms, crafted compositions for film scores, radio, and television in Italy and the album remained obscure until the legendary Madlib heavily sampled it in 2000 and drove up the price of originals. The LP received its first reissue by Golden Pavilion in 2017 so fans could cop it once more and now two of the best bits from it are on their own record. Both tracks oscillate between mellow dreamy atmospheres and irresistible drum breaks with 'Bali' being sampled in 'Real Eyes' by Quasimoto in 2000, and the b-side jam coming on strong with bagpipes intertwined with punchy bass and steady drums.


Bali (Edit)
Belfast (Edit)

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