Uncle Reed In The Purple Mine

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The debut record by a new duo, Amkarahoi.

"Uncle Reed In The Purple Mine" conjures ghosts of 90s chill out tents, aqueous ambient, exploratory turn of the century IDM and echoes of jammy dub. Amkarahoi is named for a remote region of Eastern Siberia an intimidating car and boat journey from the nearest city - several songs are named after rivers - and the record was borne from a largely improvised show in Saint Petersburg, later overdubbed and mixed down in the studio. The combination of heady, melancholic synthscapes, unexpected samples and the loose, spontaneous nature of it’s genesis make for a unique, compelling proposition.

"Kirenga" alternately swells and submerges ravey pads and shifting kicks, coming up midway for air before plunging again, and "Cutima" peppers the stereo field with foreboding stabs, collapsing drums and faintly nightmarish ambience before emerging from the darkness with gently plucked erhu. "Handa"’s simple four note piano loop and cuckoo vocal sample lament blooms into an engulfing E rush, before "Mogoul" threatens serotonin syndrome with it’s loved up lead and stuttering morning after nostalgia. "Chininga" ekes out a gentle groove over which is laid a hazy, head nodding shimmer, and on "Djegda" they finally submit and throw down a speedy breakbeat for some more classically vintage fire twirling shapes.

Amkarahoi is Nikita Chepurnoi and Sergey Dmitriev. Chepurnoi has released records as Minereed on his own Echotourist imprint, and as part of The Patience and Copacabana on Hair Del. Dmitriev has made music as Purple Uncle for Echotourist, Hair Del and Nazlo

"Uncle Reed In The Purple Mine" was written, produced and mixed by Nikita Chepurnoy & Sergey Dmitriev. Mastered by Rashad Becker. Art by Susumu Mukai.



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