Mike Storm

The Pale Blue Dot

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Voyager Recordings

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Voyager invite Mike Storm to create his own sonic narrative. "The Pale Blue Dot"  is Mike's aural interpretation of the Voyager spacecraft missions. Each track gives its own take on the journey of spacecraft Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, with a story board for each track contained inside this limited edition press.

Netherlands native Mike is no stranger to conceptual sci fi music, with numerous releases and albums on Axis Records, plus EP releases on Warm Up Recordings and Modularz to name but a few. The Axis affiliation is tangilbiel, with the whole LP more than tipping its hat to Jeff Mills' "Something In The Sky" series - proper intergalactic space techno with its own red shifted signature.

Mostly all his tracks are written live in one take, with no recall. This makes his music very unique in the digital DAW age. Recommended! 


A1. Prologue - The Call Of Distant Worlds
A2. Pale Blue Dot - Earths Odyssey
A3. Interstellar Sojourn - Voyagers Departure
A4. Celestial Caravan - Across The Outer Reaches
B1. Echos Of Solitude - Voices From The Abyss
B2. Stardust Serenade - Tales Of The Cosmos
B3. Gravitys Embrace - Dancing Among The Planets
B4. Lullaby For Sol - Nostalgia Of Home
B5. Epilogue - Homecoming Of A Voyager 

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