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Shmanman / Tookey

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UV & Nenor have been on a hot streak of late with great outings on the likes of the Fossils label and now they keep it up with a red hot new drop on the brand new Massa label. This tidy 7" packs a punch with two jams that will work the floor. The first is a slow motion but irresistible dub-disco fusion with squelchy bass and nice colourful, warm, gooey chords with vocals from Ranking Levy. On the flip is 'Tookey', a futuristic electro vocoder jam that comes to life with vivid synths circling round the mix and an unusual sense of swing. From laid back session at home to steamy club use, both of these are useful jams.


Mine says: UV & Nenor follow up 'Bahia / Goombay' with another mega cosmic disco double header - the last one went out of stock quicker than you can say yes please. Blink and you'll miss it!


Shmanman (feat Ranking Levy)

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