The Impossible Dreamers

Spin - Incl. NAD Mixes

Image of The Impossible Dreamers - Spin - Incl. NAD Mixes
Record Label
Emotional Rescue

About this item

Back in 2019, Emotional Rescue began a series where it licensed some all-time favourites, remastered them and pressed them up with new remixes by modern producers. It now draws to a close after many fine instalments with early 80s band The Impossible Dreamers. Their cult 'Spin' arrives here with an epic nine-minute extended reversion that is heavy on the dub and percussion and also an even more dubcentric reprise from regular label artist Dan Tyler of Idjut Boys and Noid fame, her under his NAD guise. There is plenty of raw and raucous rhythm to this 12" that will enliven any dancefloor and round out this series in style.


Spin (NAD Reversion)
Spin (NAD Riddim Reprise)

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