Prince Fatty Feat. Shniece

Disco Deception

Image of Prince Fatty Feat. Shniece - Disco Deception
Record Label
Lovedub Limited

About this item

With his Disco Deception album, Prince Fatty (who links up with Shniece for the occasion) delivers a captivating blend of disco-infused reggae and soulful grooves. Each track resonates with his signature low-end energy, and is fuelled by Fatty's impeccable production and Shniece's soul-stirring vocals. From funky basslines to shimmering horns, the album captures the essence of classic dub and ska while infusing it with modern flair and plenty of hooky horns and melodies. Shniece's dynamic range and emotive delivery elevate each song to really create a magnetic atmosphere that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish, all with character to spare.


Side 1
1. Take Me As I Am (feat Horseman)
2. 90% Of Me Is You
3. Love Me Right
4. Fever
5. You Got What You Wanted

Side 2
1. Funkin' For Jamaica (NY)
2. Funkin' For Jamaica (NY) (Dub)
3. The Model (feat Horseman)
4. The Model (Dub)
5. Dub Fever

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