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What Time Is Love? Sessions

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Special Request

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Mad-heads, rave veterans and lovers of having their brains rewired by previously unexplored sonic realms unite, because here comes the first of four, yes four, new albums from the fantastic freak of nature that is Special Request. His 'What Time Is Love? Sessions' arrives in several different formats this month and across six sizzling tracks that re-wire the KLF's hit of that name, he taps into everything from "ephemeral ambiance to barnstorming hardcore, pummelling house to pointillist trance" and does so with a mix of the surreal and the psychotic, the psychedelic and the downright ridiculous. It's mental, and we love it.


Barry says: A monolithic undertaking here from Special Request, with four albums in a year of pummeling basslines and euphoric arps, all underpinned with bone-breaking kick drum and sidechained throb. Bangers, all.


1. T Minus 23/Luminosity/Mu Sagitarri
2. What Time Is Love (Redux)
3. What Time Is Ardkore
4. Turning Point
5. Spiral Sunrise/Pure Trance Artefact/Synchronicity
6. That Wisnae A Microdose/Epsilon/Sheep To Shepherd

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