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Cycles Of Hope

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Former DMC champion and local superstar DJ Rasp delivers his first instrumental single. Side A kicks off with the title track 'Cycles Of Hope', a downtempo / lo-fi hip-hop cut with a healthy dose of turntable trickery. 'My Heart Bleeds' is an experimental fusion of electronic sounds, eerie samples, heavy drum breaks & turntablism. Meanwhile the B side features 7 skipless scratch sentences with both classic scratch sounds & original phrases of samples and beats designed for you to cut it up and get creative! Nice to see a bit of classic turntablism getting some attention again. Play alongside this week's "The SP Chronicles" and you've got yourself at least half a mixtape on the go! 


Matt says: Deft, uncluttered instrumental hip-hop decorated with skilled turntablism throughout. It's nice to see a return to this style that used to be commonplace in the days of Fat City and Grand Central.


A1. Cycles Of Hope
A2. My Heart Bleeds
B. Scratch Sentences 

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