Ben Quad

I'm Scared That's All There Is

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Wax Bodega

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Ben Quad is a tightly-wound emo outfit with just the right balance of delicate vulnerability, careening guitar-driven energy, and melodic ingenuity. Despite tongue-in-cheek proclamations of being “emo butt-rock,” the Oklahoma City-based quartet take their songcraft seriously, and the result is a vibrant chemical blend of winning sensitivity, a charming dash of goofiness, and propulsively hooky, cleverly-written gems. With the release of their debut full length, I’m Scared That’s All There Is, the band established themselves as a band to watch. Brooklyn Vegan has raved “mix of sincerity, hooks, and adrenaline is always a winning formula when it’s done well, and Ben Quad do it very, very well.”


1. Blood For The Blood God
2. We're Gonna Be Here For A While
3. Unclench Your Jaw
4. You Gotta Learn To Listen, Lou
5. It's A Kinkade!
6. When All Other Lights Go Out
7. Joan Of Hill 

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