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Musica Per Immagini

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Heinrich Dressel's “Polarlys” is the first album of unreleased tracks published by Musica Per Immagini, or a soundtrack for a imaginary noir film set in the icy waters of northern Europe, inspired by the book The Mystery of the Polarlys by Georges Simenon. Drones and ethereal atmospheres are paired with a cinematic background in order to describe the frost of the northern seas and the restlessness of the journey: beyond the classic analog sounds, a specific use of additive and vector synthesis particularly in vogue during the Nineties and typical of vintage synthesizers.


A1. The Evil Eye
A2. The Crazy Passenger
A3. The Death Of Rue Delambre
A4. The Two Tickets
A5. Cornélius Vriens
A6. Katia's Birthday
B1. Wallets Day
B2. Katia's Fortune
B3. Sternberg's Nephew
B4. Tromsø
B5. Hamburg Night
B6. Else Silberman

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