Yoanson & Karamie / Prof Jah Pinpin 4tet

African Leaders / The Final Bird (Le Temps D’une Vie)

Image of Yoanson & Karamie / Prof Jah Pinpin 4tet - African Leaders / The Final Bird (Le Temps D’une Vie)
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Disques Messager

About this item

New Parisian label, Disques Messager, presents its new and second release. As its name suggests, the label has a simple leitmotiv: to place itself among the best messengers for rarities and sought-after gems of international rare groove. A mission which began like fire last year with a 7inch reissue release including two Brazilian disco bangers by Cristina Camargo. 

Not many info can be found about Yoanson & Karamie, two young artists from the French African diaspora, who randomly met with Nessim Saroussi and his label Ness Music in the late 80s. Nessim produced their only EP release, "Kalimba" in 1988. Part of this EP, "African Leaders" is a stunning track melting Afro-tropical percussions, disco bass, proto-electro beats and leftfield vocals in a way that reminds us of Dinosaur L or Arthur Russel productions.

Philippe de Lacroix-Herpin (aka Prof Jah Pinpin) has a long musical career started in the mid-70s and became a renowned saxophonist playing and recording for many famous French acts such as Jean-Jacques Goldman, Alain Chamfort, FFF, or even rap band NTM. In 1994, he moved to the Reunion Island where he quickly launched the Prof Jah Pinpin 4tet, in his own words, playing 'free/funk/jazz/rock/tropical' music… Quite a vast and large musical tag, but which immediately make sense when listening to the surprising "The Final Bird" track. Only released as CD in 1996, this instrumental production has a unique sound and flavor mixing all kinds of elements together (even samples of Weather Report!).


Matt says: Two tracks of deliciously cosmic music that are, unless its just me, pretty obscure and under played.


A. Yoanson & Karamie - African Leaders
B. Prof Jah Pinpin 4tet - The Final Bird (Le Temps D’une Vie)

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