Lefto Early Bird

Motherless Father

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Your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ presents his 10-track album; "This record feels like the starting point of a new era, which I’m sure a lot of people can relate to what I mean; the tracks I recorded, the ones I’m singing over and the guests i invited have been my way to deal with the pandemic, the motherless child that I am and the father that I am. I call this record a deep pre-club record, one that will give you the energy to go out there and party but with a feeling of letting go of everything."


A1 Diane Charlemagne (feat. Iman Houssein)
A2 Love Supreme (Part 1 And 2) [feat. Aint About Me]
A3 The Elegance Of A Dancing Body
A4 The Birth Of A New You (feat Pierre Spataro)
A5 Electric (feat. Aint About Me)
B1 I Sing To Find Peace Of Mind (feat. Simbad)
B2 Live In Darkness And Wait For Brighter Days
B3 I Feel The Pain But Can't Describe It (feat. Aint About Me)
B4 One Day You Smile, One Day You Cry (feat. Pierre Spataro)
B5 The Soundtrack To A Beautiful Sunset On Your Way Home

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