Magic Wand Special Editions Vol. 10

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Magic Wand

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Coyote is back with a third volume of its Special Editions series and once again it is one that will transport you to some steamy dance floor by the Med at sundown. The opener 'Ritter' is a glorious mix of downbeat chords and Balearic beats with 80s synths and an exotic vocal. 'Takin It' then slows things down to reevaluate some lush acoustic guitar frets and languid funk grooves, then 'The Woman' gets even more deep, more seductive, and horizontal. It's got a fat, lazy bassline and go-slow grooves that cannot fail to reduce your pulse before 'Dover' picks it up again with some more psyched-out and cosmic disco-funk sounds.


Mine says: Magic Wand and Coyote once again prove what a dream team they are. The 10th edition of the Magic Wand Special Editions marks the third invitation for Coyote and the four edits on offer are every bit as addictive as the ones on the previous two 12"s - I might even go so far as to say this one's the best. Do yourself a favour and snap up a copy of this dreamy record, you won't regret it.


Side 1
Takin It

Side 2
The Woman

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