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Released over six years ago, NYC producer Thornato's debut album "Bennu" was a milestone here at Wonderwheel as the producer who previously had a viral danceflloor hit with his "Gaita Gaita" rework stepped out from behind the curtain with an album full of groundbreaking originals, turning what was known at the time as as the "Global Bass" genre on it's head with a mix of African Rhythms, Dancehall, Dub, House, and Latin Vibes. The album initially started out as a bit of a slow burn, but soon developed a fanbase around it with "Chapinero" and Poirier's heavy remix of "Rhinoceros" turning up festival dancefloors that summer. Since then, 'Bennu' has continues to push forward to this day, racking up 25 million streams, and two global syncs this year for Smirnoff and Netflix's "Elite". In commemoration of this now classic album, we've pressed up a very limited run (just 200) translucent blue 'Bennu' LPs that are available now.


1. Bennu
2. Rhinocerus (feat. Gappy Ranks)
3. Chapinero
4. Shu Swamp
5. El Oro De La Tolita (feat. Taribo)
6. Welwyn (feat. Harry Vanvagen)
7. Chamegei
8. Deux A Deux (feat. Kongo Elektro)
9. Eight Year Rebound
10. Tu Luz (feat. Lido Pimienta)
11. Last Chance (feat. The Spy From Cairo)

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