IV - 2010 Reissue

Image of Toto - IV - 2010 Reissue
Record Label
Columbia Records

About this item

The fourth studio album by the American pop and rock band, originally released in April 1982. After the success of their self-titled debut, Toto struggled to sustain success on their next two albums, 'Hydra' (1979) and 'Turn Back' (1981). The band was under heavy pressure from Columbia Records to deliver a hit album with their next release or be at risk of being dropped from the label. Features the singles 'Rosanna', 'Make Believe', 'Africa', 'I Won't Hold You Back' and 'Waiting for Your Love'.


Side 1:
1. Rosanna
2. Make Believe
3. I Won't Hold You Back
4. Good For You
5. It's A Feeling
Side 2:
1. Afraid Of Love
2. Lovers In The Night
3. We Made It
4. Waiting For Your Love
5. Africa

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