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Liquid Earth Presents Mr. Liquid

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New from California born Taylor FreelsTaylor Freels aka Liquid Earth and we gotta say, this is some of the freshest house music we've heard for a while!

Quirky and squelchy in parts, deep and dubby in others, but with a raw carnival spirit running through; it's built for the big soundsystems and outdoor parties, and, as yet, is still deliciously underground. 

"Beat Girl Beat Boy" twists minds and wiggles hips with its amalgamation of filter house, botchit breaks and daft vox - fun yet hefty enough to get the crowd bumping. "Funk Patrol" deploys squashed funk licks to another almost-new-school-breaks rhythm section that should keep b-boys and fans of Skint, Les Ryhthm Digitales and even Armand Van Helden (there's a bit of "Ultrafunkula" in there if you ask me!) more than happy. 

"Bug Collector" on side B takes things a bit more bassbin orientated, taking cues from US legends like Murk and Todd Terry, with a proggy edge binging it back to mid 90s UK influences. Finally, "The Wind Up" concludes with an anthemic, foundation shaking warehouse wobbler. Full frontal bass, rave stabs, Sheffield bleeps and brick busting rhythms certifying this one as an absolute banger! 


Matt says: I got this in solely cos it sounds like the kinda turn-of-the-millennium house and breaks that I used to buzz off 20-25 years ago. Not in a retro perverse way; it's just got that funky, stylish spirit that screams of a time more innocent yet decadent than our current climate.


A1. Beat Girl Beat Boy
A2. Funk Patrol
B1. The Bug Collector
B2. The Wind Up

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