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Compare What’s There

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Strap Originals

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Real Farmer’s debut album, Compare What’s There, is released 8th March 2024. As active members of the vibrant local music scene of Groningen in The Netherlands with their wonderfully infectious punk noise, concocting fast paced, driving songs with wiry riffs, propelling drums, and winding melodies. Each track stands on its own, both expressing a nostalgia for a different time and reflecting the time and place the songs were written in, showing the multifaceted personalities that make up Real Farmer. Real Farmer will be playing six shows for Independent Venue Week in January and February on the ‘Triple Dutch Tour’ with fellow Dutch up-and-comers Personal Trainer (including members of Real Farmer) and The Klittens. In March the band are on the road again supporting Bull in Brighton along with five headline shows


1. The Feeding
2. Inner City
3. Waiting For
4. Empty
5. Gentrified
6. I Can't Run
7. Perry Boys
8. Next In
9. The Straightest Line
10. Consequence
11. Wayside
12. Wasted Words
13. Never Enough

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