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Paranoid London, the electronic band of Gerardo Delgado and Quinn Whalley, has become synonymous with stripping acid house back down to its basics, rescuing the sound from smiley faces, rave, and sugary excess while paying respects to its gay, black, American roots. Performing mainly live with hardware only, often with vocal guests, as well as unique hybrid DJ sets, the duo has established a tongue in cheek, grumpy punk sound and attitude without taking it too seriously. Following 2019’s latest album PL and a bunch of 12” singles and edits, their new long-player Arseholes, Liars, and Electronic Pioneers refers to the cavalcade of c***s we find ourselves surrounded by. Our only respite being the joy that musical geniuses bring. The cover artwork and gatefold of the vinyl reflect this with a collage-like poster including personalities of all kinds, from politicians and royalty to music legends. When we asked them to highlight key music pioneers from their picks, they mentioned American electro don Aldo Marin, British producer Andrea Parker and Post Punk band WIRE. Inspired by early ‘90s British prog house on the likes of Sabres Of Paradise Records and Guerilla Records, the album presents a step up on their production while the anarchic attitude remains unaltered, unadulterated and undiluted. In Quinn’s words: the album has a slightly more Hi-Fi sound than previous efforts, but retains the urgency and punk rock attitude that we're known for. It was tested over the summer, where it lit up festival stages at Glastonbury, Houghton, Love International, and many, many others. As expected, PL has recruited a bunch of special guests on vocals including Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie, US house veteran Monica “DJ Genesis” Lockett, the novo-New Romantic/gothic, Jennifer Touch, and Joe Love, from Fat Dog, Brixton’s current ones-to-watch. As well, previous collaborators Josh Caffe and Mutado Pintado return for new recordings. All bring something unique to the party, while integrating perfectly with PL’s Fuck you! circuitry.


Matt says: Acid house punks Paranoid London return with their third album, adding giants such as Bobby Gillespie and Josh Cafe to their list of collaborators. This might be the duo's biggest album to date - it FEELS like a proper long player, not just a selection of warehouse rattlers and acid burners. Nice to see long term pal Mutado Pintado return to the squad too. Excellent stuff for both bitter, cynical, aging ravers and bright-eyed young club kids alike!


1. Steal &Adapt(Or)
2. People (Ah Yeah)
3. Start To Fade
4. Love One Self
5. Up Is Down
6. Help
7. Touch The State Of That
8. Fields Of Fire
9. The Motion
10. Grndr

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