Skinbat Scramble

The Psychedelic Pirates

Image of Skinbat Scramble - The Psychedelic Pirates
Record Label
Emotional Rescue

About this item

Anyone who has followed Emotional Rescue knows it has always done a fine job of documenting punk and dub's early years, not least by showcasing the previously unheralded work of Skinbat Scramble. Now they back that up once more with a new compilation that puts together a selection of the band's previously unreleased recordings. It is a superb trip through a number of decades and finds core members Mark Eason and Fergus Crockford distilling slow tempos, experimental sounds, dub, and much more into leftfield rhythms for body and mind.


Side 1
1. Submit
2. Submit (Dub)

Side 2
1. North By Northwest
2. North By Dub

Side 3
1. Skidaddle
2. Skidaddle (Daddy)

Side 4
1. Basement Voltaire
2. Pixie Boot (Dub)

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