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Hiyo is a coming out party in a lot of ways for a band that has been a staple of the American Folk Music scene for over two decades - Co- Produced and engineered by Nashville's Rachael Moore and including performances by Jamie Dick (Drums), John Mailander (fiddle) and Maya de Vitry (vocals), the album Hiyo pushes the sound of CCL past anywhere it has been before - For a band that spent 15 years performing around a single microphone, CCL has found new inspiration in all of the sounds the world has to offer.

"Synthesizers, drum machines, banjo...the world is really open right now to what constitutes folk music and we are grabbing on to that inspiration with both hands and not letting go," says leader Dave Wilson.

Produced by Rachael Moore & Dave Wilson. Recorded & Mixed by Rachael Moore (George & Tammy) at Echo Mountain in Asheville, NC. Mastered by Nathan Dantzler at The Hit Lab in Nashville, TN.


1. Right On Time
2. Magic
3. Way Down Yonder
4. Heaven
5. Lone Ranger
6. B S R
7. Under The Willow Tree
8. She's Got You
9. Stone
10. Summerline

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