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The Light Fantastic

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One of the country's most underrated singer-songwriters, John Bramwell, returns to the fray with a remarkable new album The Light Fantastic via Townsend Music.

Anyone who has heard John's work with seminal Manchester band I Am Kloot, will be cheered by the news of this impending release. Nominated for a Mercury Prize in 2010 for their acclaimed Sky At Night album, I Am Kloot never quite received the widespread success their music deserved.

This new album is a masterclass in emotionally charged and melodically driven tunes for the adventurous. All 12 tracks were written by John except for 'Nobody Left But You' which he co-wrote with album producer Dave Fidler.

"After both my Mum and Dad died, I started writing these songs to cheer myself up," John admits with typical candour. "The themes are taken from my dreams at the time. Wake up and take whatever impression I had from what I could remember of my dream and write that."

Despite the sentiment, the songs are surprisingly uplifting. And will no doubt sound great live.


1. Leave No Traces
2. A World Full Of Flowers
3. It's Just You
4. The Light Fantastic
5. Here It Comes
6. A Sky Full Of Thunder And Lightning
7. I Am The Sky
8. Days Go By
9. The Element Of Truth
10. I Feel Me
11. Nobody Left But You
12. Illegalised

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