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Channelling spiritual/modal jazz and Latin rhythms, they simultaneously reference the greats such as Sun Ra, Pharoah Sanders and Alice Coltrane, while maintaining a fresh perspective on ensemble dynamics.

Perhaps the group's name is no coincidence - each instrument seems to be in orbit around the concept of symbiotic synergy - and everyone is given equal space to shine; from a psychedelic Korg, to a delirious saxophone or the gentle ripples of a harp. There's a huge array of keyboards, skilfully manned by the likes of Guy Harrison and Cory Champion (Clear Path Ensemble), with a standout acoustic piano solo by Harrison on "Plume". Not to be outshone, the wind section delivers ecstatic saxophone riffs , futtering flutes and solid horn choruses throughout. Meanwhile, providing vital foundational support are the percussion (Soundway alumnus Julien Dyne), vibraphone, acoustic bass and full choir arranged by Matt Hunter.

It's a testament to their harmonious relationship and skill that this debut album instantly sounds like a classic from a group that might have been together a decade.


Barry says: A blissful fusion of spacey lounge music, swooning Latin rhythms and tastefully subtle ensemble vocals drifting around a percussive jazz-funk core. It's a beautifully rendered impression of a group of players at the peak of their game, working together in perfect harmony.


1. Bones
2. Kohan
3. Veneer
4. Spirits Part 2
5. Bliss
6. Plume

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