List II

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The Very Polish Cut Outs

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Pejzaz (aka Bartosz Kruczyski) returns with two captivating new collage albums. Divided into two records LIST I (which was released end of September this year) & LIST II - which premieres end of movember - delves into the realm of 90s/Y2K Eastern European CD releases. Employing hundreds of samples, Pejzaz sculpts a mesmerizing and distinctive body of work.

LIST II guides the listener into the night, combining trip hop and dub influences, dusty samples, wailing blues guitars, and cold-wave synthesizers. Its haunting soundscapes provide an apt soundtrack for winter in Eastern Europe.

Notably, this marks Pejzaz first foray into a fully instrumental album. Although devoid of lyrics, the bittersweet blend of samples infuses the music with a profoundly Polish essence, further enhancing its distinctive allure.


A1 List II
A2 Duchy Lasu
A3 Imperium Znaków
A4 Blues Trzeci
A5 Bez Grawitacji
A6 Ogród

B1 Serce
B2 Po Godzinach
B3 Wizje
B4 Dziennik Pisany Noc?
B5 Linia Pi?kna

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