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Dabeull Records

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Ferdi is an emerging saxophonist artist from the Brusselian-Parisian musical scene. Fifteen years after evolving at the conservatory, he decided to develop his artistic career. He surrounded himself with prominent artists of the modern music scene: the rapper Peet, the pianist Sofiane Pamart, his trumpeter mate Bessau, and the king of funk - Dabeull!

Ferdi’s new album "Romance" has been conceived from this artistic exchange. "Romance" offers a romantic, funky moment for two lovers of 80s music. There;s louche sax lines, squelchy boogie bass and gliding vocodered vox a plenty; an absolute sleaze-fest of 80s boogie / funk!  You'll be reaching for your silk pyjamas and fur lined dressing gown in no time! 


Matt says: Knicker-dropping / shirt-lifting modern sex boogie from a big blower from Brussels / Paris. Bit of Dam Funk thrown in there for sure; but he's replaced the keyboards with the saxaphone. Top drawer stuff.


A1. Beach Wear
A2. Something In You
A3. Romance
A4. Love Amour

B1. Cruisin'
B2. Sweet Connection
B3. Seduction
B4. Time

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